9 Digital Marketing tips that will actually make your life better in 2018

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20 Best Digital Marketing Blogs Every Marketer must Follow.
May 23, 2018
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9 Digital Marketing tips that will actually make your life better in 2018

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9 Digital Marketing tips that will actually make your life better

9 Digital Marketing tips that will actually make your life better.

Digital marketing can be laborious at times. Everyone nowadays is in Digital marketing. There is so much uproar out there that sometimes it becomes difficult to find out what actually did works and what didn’t work. In addition to this, there are so many ways and approaches one can consider that it becomes hard to decide and plan out an efficient digital marketing strategy.

If you feel that you could be getting more out of your existing strategy or if you are not getting the expected results from your existing strategy, then this post is for you. Below are nine different digital marketing tips for you to boost your digital marketing efforts and to make your life better.



1. Mobile Friendly
We live in a mobile world where our pocket-friendly devices have made the access to the internet so easy and convenient. We all use our mobiles and tabs to access emails, website and other online contents. Every website must, therefore, be mobile friendly as nowadays a lot of users will access your website through their mobile phones. When you optimize your website for mobiles and tablets, you must consider the needs of the users on the go. The user should be able to find your content information easily on your homepage. It is a disservice for your business if you’re not mobile optimized. If you want to compete in today’s digital world, your site needs to be mobile friendly. And if you don’t prioritize mobile optimization then you will most certainly lose out on potential customers.


2. Modern Web Design and Functionality
Your website is the backbone of your business in Digital Marketing. How your website looks and feels matters a lot. Your website must look and feel modern. A poor designed and outdated website will certainly lose you traffic which will ultimately lose you your potential customers. So make sure that your website design is modern, responsive and easy to use.


3. Sharing Valuable Information
Creating original content is important. But if you are creating content that is company specific or only related to yourself and the services you provide then you are losing out on your website traffic. Rather than only sharing information about your company and its services, focus on sharing valuable information with the visitors. The content must be educational and related to your industry expertise. Such valuable content and information will help your reader and it will build your brand and reputation for your company.


4. Video and Visual Content
We are all tired of hearing this but yes content really matters in Digital Marketing. Content will help you to generate traffic, create engagement and increase your ranking. And whenever we all speak about content, the first thing that comes to our mind is articles and blog. Yes, this should be the part of your Digital marketing strategy but you should also not forget about video and visual content creation. Yes, it is well tested and proved that video and visual content will create higher engagements than other types of content. These are great for emails and social media. So make sure that you include this in your website to increase your audience.


5. Reuse Content for Different Platforms
It is a good move to use your content on various platforms. If you create a content and use it only once or only on your website then you are not using it efficiently. And you are not getting most out of it. For example, if you write an article, you should share that article on various other platforms or even create snippets so that they are shareable as social media images. Or, you can convert that piece of content into various other formats such as infographics, audio or video script.


6. Social Media to your advantage
Nowadays we all are aware of social media and how it can boost our businesses. And yet there are many SME’s and local business that are either inactive on social media or not at all on it. These are the mistakes that hurt our businesses and our digital marketing efforts. Social Media is a great tool to create brand awareness, following and engage with your customers. It also plays the important role is SEO. And we don’t have to be on every social media platform available out there, we only need those which our potential clients use the most. So research such platforms and start using it to your advantage.


7. Local SEO
We all know that SEO is an important part of our Digital marketing efforts. We focus our SEO efforts according to the big international businesses that we forget about local SEO. Since many small businesses are focused on one or few geographical areas, it is important to make sure that your website comes up in the internet search of that particular area. Setup a google business account to boost your local SEO efforts as it is very valuable. Also, research and use keywords that are more aligned with your local area of business. Also, make sure that your website lists the area and location of your business.


8. Track and Measure
It is really important that you track and measure your progress. Insights are very crucial and it can help us to decide what actually worked and what didn’t work.  What can be tracked and measured, can only be improved. You can use google analytics to track and measure your website traffic. Through analytics, you can see from where you maximum traffic is coming from, you check how each content is performing, you can track sources which resulted in leads for your business and many more. Any approach you use to execute your digital strategy should be tracked.


9. Review Acquisition
Ever searched for any services online? Do you see a list of businesses that provide that particular services? Which one would you choose? The one with highest reviews and rating, right? Yes, we trust the people who have used and experienced such services. And that’s the reason why reviews play a crucial role in any local digital marketing strategy. Having a high number of positive reviews will boost your rankings on search engines, website traffic, and potential customers.
Create a system where you request reviews from your satisfied customers everytime you provide your services and always follow up with existing and past clients.



Hopefully, these digital marketing tips above makes your life better. And hope it helps you improve your existing digital marketing strategy. If you’re interested in a digital marketing strategy or website design and development custom tailored to your business, then get in touch with our team today.

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