20 Best Digital Marketing Blogs Every Marketer must Follow.

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20 Best Digital Marketing Blogs Every Marketer must Follow.

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20 marketing blogs every marketer needs to follow

20 Best Marketing Blogs Every Marketer Must Follow

Reading Digital Marketing blogs which are written by experts and industry experienced helps you to get insights and learn from the actual life experience of the experts. They provide you with tips, information, and knowledge which will make your marketing efforts more effective. And most importantly if this is not your forte, you can learn a lot with these blogs and definitely excel at it Following are the 20 best blogs to read from, in no particular order.
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20 Best blogs to follow to stay ahead with marketing

1. Neil Patel

If you are in Digital Marketing you already know this guy. And if you are starting out, then this would be the first place to visit. Neil Patel is a top influencer on the web and he is one of the top 10 marketers and an SEO expert. He posts various free stuff that will help you understand marketing. He aims to help small budding businesses generate more sales. His articles are lengthy and informative.

2. Hubspot

Hubspot’s provides free training and certifications which will give you a boost in the field of marketing. They have a huge library of resources for marketing. You can choose over 40 different topics in digital marketing ranging from Social Media, Lead Generation, Inbound & Content Marketing to A/B testing, E-commerce, Podcast, PaidPerClick and many more.

3. SEMrush

SEMrush is an all-in-one marketing tool which gives you complete analytics on your website. Their blog articles are all about digital marketing. With various topics like SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Brand Management, and Research

4. Kissmetric

Kissmetrics is a great resource to stay up to date with online marketing. They also conduct free webinars, so if reading something that you don’t enjoy then hurry up and register. Kissmetric blog is all about analytics, marketing, A/B testing, and social media. The blog help freshers to understand digital marketing and analytics. Neil Patel is the Co-founder of Kissmetrics and no wonder its one of the best analytics tools in the market.

5. Moz

Moz blog will help you level-up your SEO and online marketing skills. All the articles on Moz are well written by industry experts. The writers of the Moz blog specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and data usage to support marketing efforts. These articles will provide you complete insights, give you the best advice, provide you with research and show how to do it.

6. Buffer

Buffer is a Social Media Management app. The buffer blogs have 4 categories, buffer open which shares about work culture productivity, buffer social is all about social media and online marketing, buffer overflow is a dedicated blog for developments, APIs, and engineers, buffer customer experience shares strategies, insights, and stories from buffer customer advocates.

7. Marketing Profs

Marketing Profs is completely about marketing. They have everything about marketing on their blog. They provide with marketing insights, podcasts, tutorials, guides, reports and even toolkits. They cover all the marketing topics, and in addition to that, they have a forum in which you can find many active experts answering questions to help other marketers. You can take part in various conversations, convey your ideas and learn more about marketing.

8. Content Marketing Institute

This blog covers all aspects of content marketing. They have a practical approach to their articles and there are a lot of how-to guides on content marketing and content writing. You can get all the expert insights and advice for your business from this institutes experts. There is dedicated community which is actively engaged in conversations and discussions on latest news and information.

9. Hotjar

Hotjar is a heatmapping tool. Heatmaps are very helpful in the online marketing landscape. Hotjar offers user’s an all-in-one feedback and analytics tool that helps you connect the dots to make better decisions about conversions.
Their blog focuses on education, thought leadership, and provides a solution to business’ problems in the digital age. In doing so, they offer case studies to demonstrate how they grew companies based on real user behavior tests.

10. Duct tape marketing

This Blog is based on the top-selling marketing book ‘Duct Tape Marketing’ by John Jantsch. The author/ speaker/consultant of this blog is the writer himself ‘John Jantsch’. This blog provides you with practical views on marketing strategies. They have huge resources of ebooks, podcast, and webinars. They also post featured content, where the content featured, is written by various guests who are top marketers, strategists, CEOs, and founders.

11. Convince & Convert

The Convince & Convert blog by Jay Baer applies traditional marketing concepts which are tried and tested in the digital area. The blog also covers developing trends, industry news, and the most recent techniques for putting tested marketing techniques to use.

12. Social media examiner

Many consider this blog as one of the blogs for all social media related topics. They provide you with extensive knowledge of all the social media platforms. They have a huge content on online marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other similar platforms.

13. Unbounce

The Unbounce blog is a valuable resource for information on how to improve conversion rate and reduce the number of bounce rate on your website. Unbounce is a powerful marketing tool that helps marketers build, publish and test landing pages with ease. Its expertise in landing pages translates into the blog.
Unbounce blog provides valuable insights and actionable tips on optimizing landing pages, conversion optimization, and A/B testing. Unbounce blog also hosts articles that help online marketers learn and implement various strategies to boost their marketing efforts. this marketing blog covers PPC, social media, email marketing, lead generation, content marketing and much more.

14. Mention

Mention is a media monitoring tool through which you can find mentions of your business on any social media and also have competitor analysis. They have resources like Marketing library, reports, articles, webinars, tutorials to help you grow your business.

15. Seth Godin

A Direct Marketing Hall of Fame inductee, Seth Godin writes short yet highly digestible posts in his marketing blog and shares marketing life lessons that come off as a great benefit to various marketers irrespective of skill level or age. He skilfully combines professional life and personal life to derive actionable insights that will help you think outside the box. He discusses marketing in a relatable manner that helps you work better, outside your comfort zone.

16. Marketing Land

Bringing to you the best of digital marketing and tech development, this marketing blog covers all aspects of the marketing sphere. The authors range from Digital Marketing experts who have more than 10 years of experience to quality resource centers. Marketing Land blog provides daily content that deals with CMO, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Analytics, Mobile Marketing and much more. This marketing blog, in addition to insights, also provides news that is both reliable and precise. This blog as some refer is a one-stop shop to stay on top of marketing. MarketingLand is a property of ThirdDoorMedia. To add to the marketing blog, weekly podcasts, iOS & Android Apps are other ways to stay connected with MarketingLand.

17. Marketo

Marketo provides a marketing blog that gives the best insights to help you with your modern B2B marketing practices. This strategies and tips that the authors prescribed have been proven and has yielded great success. Market Blog aims to aid both consumers and B2B marketers. It covers a majority of the marketing topics such as social media marketing, email marketing, modern marketing, lead management, and marketing automation which the blog is most accredited for. The articles featured on this blog dive into more detail with aspects such as revenue performance, marketing metrics, account-based marketing, lead scoring and so on. The authors share their expertise in a professional and precise manner, sharing insights that will surely help you boost your marketing efforts.

18. Marketing Insider Group

Formerly known as B2B Marketing Insider, it is a blog by Michael Brenner who shares his valuable insights on content marketing, social business and more.
He is the author of the book, The Content Formula, which debunks the challenges faced by marketers, especially aimed at solving the question “what is the ROI of content marketing?”. It provides a step by step guide to content marketers on how to build, a budget for and measure the content marketing efforts. the blog shares the same DNA as the book, as he tackles such similar challenges of content marketers and helps get the most from content marketing. This content marketing blog equips you with every bit of knowledge you need to setup and run a successful blog.

19. Social Fresh

Social Fresh provide its reader with education on social media marketing. With resources like conferences, articles, podcasts, research, and courses, they help a huge number of social media marketers. Their goal is to inspire people to create better businesses through social media. Social Fresh produces some of the top social media conferences and online training programs in the industry.

20. Inside Adwords

This is Google’s official blog for news, tips, and information on AdWords. Thus it makes it the most authoritative and up-to-date blog on AdWords. Its a best place to stay updated with Adwords, and most importantly to learn more and more about it.



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